reading the fine printI just received an email invitation to be part of THE NEXT BIG THING. Gotten any of those lately in your inbox? How do you tell what’s real, worthwhile and in your sweet spot?

My first turn-off was that the sender called me Janey. There are 4 people in my life who can get away with calling me that, and I love them when they use it, but that’s it. I am not a Janie, and I wouldn’t spell it with a ‘y’  if I were.

Second, and this is where I stopped paying any attention, was this enthusiastic line:

This is our third year running the wildly successful author-funded program that not only gets your name in print but trains you how to grow your business and brand to a new level.

Did you catch the AUTHOR-FUNDED piece there? Yes, that’s right. YOU PAY for this wildly successful program. My hunch is that it is wildly successful for the person who is collecting all the authors’ funds.

How much of your time is taken up trying to get to the truth in advertising? Beware the overly-enthusiastic pitch where YOUR money is the key to entry.

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