11967481_sI wanted to show a new friend and colleague the entrepreneurial community I recently joined. It was a 10 block walk from where we’d had lunch. After 3 blocks she paused and asked if I would mind if she reneged on the decision to visit In Good Company. The heat was extreme, and she’d have to walk back 10 blocks where I’d get to stay for a program there in air-conditioned comfort. I wholeheartedly agreed with her demonstration of self-care and hugged her goodbye.

Of the half dozen people signed up for that program I’d enrolled in, only two showed up. I was really glad I had, because the class on Bonding and Rapport in Business was excellent. The instructor made no fuss about the low attendance. He treated us with all the respect he would give a full house, which of course demonstrated bonding and rapport more than anything he might have said. Plus, I benefited supremely when he had a raffle for his irresistible free offer of a DISC assessment, which I had a 50% chance of winning and did.

I’m curious to hear how you handle this kind of weather condition or any extreme situation in your business/life. Do you ever use it as an excuse to take a pass? Do you always show up no matter what? How do you take care of yourself? Please comment and let me know.

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