girl with creativity bursting forth

I’ve never invested in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but when I heard about the newest version of CSA – Community Support Art, I’ve reconsidered. Begun in Minnesota and now spreading throughout the country, these organizations are bringing art to local areas in an affordable and sustainable way.

The New York Times did a feature article on the movement yesterday which I wanted to share with you. But the bigger thought here is that THERE IS A WAY! Similar to Kickstarter, I’m thrilled to see other creative forces at work providing oportunitites galore. As the old guard ways of doing business are collapsing around us (I mean, really, Jeff Bezoz buying the Washington Post?! ) it’s vital to realize we’re not in Kansas or anywhere near it anymore.

I believe that there is a way to produce and market whatever you’ve got to offer. That inspiration is all around us and that tapping into your deep creativity, artist or bookkeeper, will provide a solution and a market for you.

My one piece of advice : give yourself time to tap into that inner wisdom via meditation, journaling, or simply connecting with your source.

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