jane-03-150x150I only work with women on a mission.

My clients are not women who are complacent with the status quo. They KNOW they are meant to do something important.

They see something they want and are looking for support to go and get it. IT can be a boost in their business or a change in their lifestyle – the common denominator is passion and vision.

Which is why I am so excited to work with the women who are my clients.

My current client roster includes business owners who are looking to make a difference in:

  • home health care
  • the environment
  • nutrition
  • photography
  • personal image & style
  • entertaining and enlightening audiences
  • interior environments
  • marketing
  • inspiring and educating kids
  • and many other disciplines and industries

I know how to create a life for myself that is balanced, energizing, fulfilling and helpful to others. One of the ways I do this is by limiting my practice to a manageable number of clients and groups.

I will be starting a new Mastermind Group next month for up to eight women who are passionate and know what they want, and who desire being part of a committed group to reach their vision. That’s my promise.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to yourself that sounds something like: “This is my time, my year, my turn to manifest my dream,” then join me and watch that dream come to fruition. Here’s a link to my offer on my website. It’s filling fast, so please grab a spot if you’re interested.

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