Diamond studded dollar sign bling jewelry

During a conversation today with my good friend Doreen Birdsell, she gave me a quote I had to ask her permission to use. She has a way of saying things that strikes a chord in me. Especially today’s!

We were talking about her art/photography that is on display and for sale in Provincetown, MA. Daily, she sits in her shed on the MacMillan Wharf as tourists browse her work. She gets a lot of compliments, but sales have not met expectations…yet.

“If I could take ‘Phenomenal!’ and ”Beautiful!’to the bank, I’d be a rich woman.”

I immediately flashed back to my days selling my wares at craft shows, especially when the economy was in a slump, like now. I would get the most amazing compliments, and in quite a variety. During one show, my daughter and I categorized what we decided was the unspoken translation:

Phenomenal!  – “I can’t believe you’re charging that much for this.”

Gorgeous! – “You do good work, but I would never spend that kind of money.”

Really beautiful! – “If I had the money, I might purchase something from you.”

Wow! – Your work is worth it, but I can’t afford it.

How much? – This is the customer you want at your booth.

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