named stairs

On my way home from a meeting this morning my eye caught no fewer than 3 monuments to individuals or couples who concretely want to be remembered for their contributions. First I glanced at the bronze lettering for the Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center followed by turning my gaze up to the crystal clear blue sky and the soaring building across the street inscribed as the Meredith Wilson Residence Hall . Then, two seconds later when I was descending the staircase leading from the courtyard of Lincoln Center to the sidewalk on W. 65th Street, I was inspired to take this photo of a step donated by Susan and Richard Braddock.

It got me thinking, what do I most want to be remembered for?

This was an easy one. Yesterday, my son and daughter-in-law gave birth to Owen Michael Pollak–6 lbs, 13 oz. Having my marital name on this precious new life is as much as I could ask for in a lifetime. Everything else is gravy.

gramma jane and owen day 1

Happy Gramma Jane

owen day 1

Owen Michael Pollak – Day 1

As I continue in my role as a lifestyle entrepreneur I realize more and more that my work supports my way of life and everything I value vs. having everything I value support my work. It’s a fine distinction, but one that is reinforced daily for me, especially with yesterday’s joyful delivery.

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