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Sep 16, 2013

Why Isn’t This Woman Smiling?

Louise Albin captured by Katie Settel Photography

Brilliant entrepreneur that she is, Louise Albin had the good sense to let her new hire pastry chef get creative.

Lesley, the pastry chef, did just that and came up with a line of desserts served in jars. Not only are they delicious and attractive, they’re also unique and address that sticky issue of portion control in the most visually appealing way. The jars have been a runaway success for Louise’s catering business, but it got even better last week when a bride did a google search and Café Louise came us first.

Pastry Chef Lesley's Desserts in Jars

Pastry Chef Lesley’s Desserts in Jars

To match the decor of the venue where she’s getting married, the researching bride, who is from Germany, didn’t want a traditional, overly sweet, American-style wedding cake. It’s not her tradition and felt wrong for the environment where she’s having the wedding. She went online and entered ‘desserts in jars’ as her keyword search. Up popped Cafe Louise!

Thrilled that she found a caterer who ‘got’ what she wanted, she ended her search right there, rather than having to explain to someone who just did desserts in jars how to make it part of an entire banquet.  When Louise gave the nod to a staff member to increase her social media efforts, this is the kind of result she could never have even dreamed of. As the result of a blog post about the Cafe’s newest product, there’s a new wedding on the calendar.

So, why isn’t Louise smiling? Because she is such a cool lady that when photographer Katie Settel, hired to shoot a recent vegan wedding Cafe Louise catered, suggested that Louise assume an American Gothic pose, this creative business owner grabbed not a pitchfork, but a dinner fork and got serious about the portrait.

No wonder she’s celebrating 20 years in business this year!

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