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The first person to sign up for my virtual Mastermind Group lives on Martha’s Vineyard. She’s been a client of mine before and appreciates being connected with other women entrepreneurs who are on a mission, as she is. It had been virtually impossible for her to join my earlier groups in CT or NYC because of the travel involved.

Lucky for her, to participate in this group she will not need to hop a ferry and drive 5 hours to be in the company of others who get her.  Wherever she and her computer are on Thursday nights, she can log on and SEE, HEAR and interact with this hand-picked group.

I can’t wait to see all your faces using this easy technology. I hired a guy via taskrabbit to help me understand how to use google+ hangouts, and we accomplished the task in 5 minutes–it’s that easy! Quick as a bunny!

What’ll happen in our sessions is that we will come together for three hours a night six times (there’s a bonus seventh session should you have to miss one) during which time you’ll talk about what’s really important to you. A goal that may be eluding you or a vision that needs refining.

Everyone in the group will have the opportunity to give voice to her dream. It’s important to hear what others aspire to. Nothing lifts the entrepreneurial soul like hearing a colleague talk about holding a conference, writing a book, creating a web series or an equally challenging, but rewarding mission. Following each others’ progress over the course of our time together will reinforce your goals.

During each session you’ll give and receive feedback. I can’t tell you the number of times that members of my groups hear an idea, a tip or a suggestion that alters their path forward. The level of excitement and action grows with every session as you begin to deliver on your plan. There is momentum, new information, but most important the love and support any germ of an idea needs to grow. You’ll have a new goal set at each meeting which you’ll be held accountable for at the next session. The check-ins at the beginning of each call are one of the most rewarding and affirming parts of this process.

As a coach since 2002, I’m good at hearing obstacles that may not be self-evident. I love challenging clients to try things a bit differently, or to reach higher than you might on your own. Sometimes the challenge is to simply let go and get a massage while the Universe manifests for you. My clients love THAT homework assignment, but it’s one I offer rarely, so come prepared to work hard and love the process.

With the support and inspiration of 6-8 other women business owners who have your back, cherish your dreams as much as you do, and are on a mission themselves, this is going to be a dynamic, exciting, and intimate experience. Here’s where you get to let your hair down among peers, talk about what’s really going on behind the scenes, and hear how others are overcoming their roadblocks.

Having been in my own group for over 20 years, I can promise you that you’ll leave every session more energized and committed than you were when you logged on.

What would thrill you to have accomplished by January 2014? If you can dream it, I can help you get there. Join me from wherever you are and meet a team that will change your life.

Here’s the scoop.

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