Dave Fischer

The monthly expert for my Mastermind Intensive meeting last week was Dave Fischer, President and Founder of the Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group. In less than an hour, he converted everyone in the room to his sales strategy using humor, stories and his vast experience in the field to show us the error of our ways.

Among the gems he left us with, Dave described the Buyer’s Cycle in a way I’d never heard before, but could immediately (as a lifelong buyer) identify with. Here it is:

  1. Mislead about interest – I walk into the furniture store looking for a sleep sofa for my new apartment. The sales guy approaches me and uses some jargon to qualify me. I say, “I’m just looking, thank you.” Really, Jane? Just looking? You need a sofa bed, you drove to the mall and you walked into a furniture store and you tell the guy you’re just looking.
  2. Gather information – I still don’t want to show this guy my hand, so I casually say, “Tell me about this one, pointing to the striped, 3-cushion model,” at which point he divulges every piece of knowledge he can think of about the quality of my choice. I now have the facts I came in for. I’m done.
  3. Mislead commitment – After he finishes excitedly telling me everything he knows about fabric, springs, mechanical ease, etc. I thank him and say, “This is great. I really know what I want now. I can make a good decision about this purchase.”
  4. Hide – I’m not ready. I’m working with a designer. I have other items to shop for. I can’t commit at this point. As far as the sales guy is gone, it’s “where’d she go?”

Can you identify with this? Thought so!

I won’t provide Dave’s strategy. You’ll have to talk to him yourself. Trust me, it won’t be the typical sales conversation and you’ll both know where you stand at the end of it. Dave taught us that salespeople are addicted to h-opium, but helped us not get hooked. I’m so grateful to him for a lesson well taught.


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