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Big Orchids!

My friend Linda called it her “Onions and Orchids” file. Whenever she got a less than positive communication–an Onion–she’d whip out her Orchids file filled with eloquently positive messages about her worth and read one or two to get herself back on track.

What do you do with the positive things clients (colleagues and friends, too) say about you? Toss them aside with an, “Oh, that’s nice.” Or keep them in an accessible location for easy reference? Right answer!

One of my Outlook folders is labeled ‘testimonials’ for the express purpose of reminding myself of my value (like when I got a hurtful comment last week from someone who was clearly in a bad mood and needed an innocent bystander to vent at). It does rock my boat, until I choose the action of referencing my value as expressed by a cherished client, i.e. reading an Orchid.

I’d just blogged about my upcoming virtual Mastermind Group (starts this Thursday at 6) and received the most generous comments from the women in my current Mastermind Intensive. The nature of a group like this is deep intimacy, clarity, support and affection for each other. When you’re a solopreneur, working from home, taking risks daily and working through the daily highs and lows of life, it’s an amazing gift, resource and Orchid to have a team always there in your back pocket to remind you of your talent, your vision and your dedication when it can be so easy to forget all that. I read through those comments twice to counter-balance the critical email I’d just received. Better that than engaging with a crackpot.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your momentum in this still struggling economy, join me starting this Thursday evening from wherever you are. My google+ hangout is devoted to you and seven other women business owners who are equally committed to keeping you joyful and connected while achieving your business dreams.

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