female construction workers

Went to two good networking meetings this week and met several terrific entrepreneurial women in the city.

One shared a business name that made everyone in the room laugh out loud, sit up and take notice.

She told us about an architecture firm where she knew the principals–all women. Every time they were on a job site, they were summoned with, “Hey, Honey!” “Babe, can you take a look at this!” and “Oh, Doll, I need you over here.”

Absolutely sexist and devaluing, but they decided to use it to their advantage and named their firm Honey Babe Doll Architecture. Totally memorable, right?!

The but is that when I went to their site, it was ironically ‘under construction.’

What’s going to happen to all those folks who hear their great name, want to learn more and find that message?


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