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Oct 4, 2013

Do You Believe in Angels? Lisa Jones’ Success is Evidence

Lisa Jones

I couldn’t have chosen a better book to read this week before my Soul Proprietor Community topic call: Allow the Universe to Manifest than Lisa JonesArt of Living Happy After the Loss of a Loved One: A Real-Life Awakening.

Once I opened the volume, I couldn’t put it down. Her riveting true-life story of her husband’s untimely death at age 44 and the sequence of events/miracles that happened after, support her belief in the power of our Universe and the existence of angels.

Yes, I’m a skeptic, and I have not had her dramatic experiences, but I believe everything she says. Lisa is gifted with an ability to hear voices, receive wisdom, and bring it to those who need to hear it, i.e. anyone who wants the information and is open and available to receive it.

I don’t want to give away Lisa’s incredible story, but will share one of my favorite incidents that spoke to me particularly as I find myself in a transition in my own life. She and her second husband were planning to do major renovations on her marital home. With the architectural plans ready for breaking ground, “Everything that could go wrong did.”

  • Wrong paperwork was filed
  • Town lost paperwork.
  • P + Z notice didn’t get published.
  • No quorum at meeting of P + Z
  • Issue over a variance
  • Board member error
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Who hasn’t faced delays or setbacks of this ilk? Here comes the miracle:

The week of approval, as I drove by a beautiful lake home that had been on the market for six months, I noticed that a new real estate company was representing the house…I’d always been drawn to it on a gut level. [But it was under renovation by the couple living there.] As it turned out, as soon as the couple was done with the renovations [our real extate friend] Lee called to tell me that “the husband has been transferred to Texas for a new job, and that they were listing the property for sale…[and that the once out-of-reach price point] dropped yesterday, by quite a bit! It looks like the owners must have taken a buyout, and the relocation company wants to sell it as soon as possible to get it off their books.”

Reading this passage was like having my own angels tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “Trust us!” Everything that is happening is happening for a reason. Stay the course you’re on and more will be revealed.

What I also loved about this book is Lisa’s account of how she developed her gift into a thriving practice. You can imagine how many nay-sayers there were out there (slightly more than those who didn’t believe I could make a business out of decorating eggs!), especially family members, who were less-than-encouraging of this accountant turned channeler. Lisa overcame personal and professional obstacles on her way to becoming truly recognized and appreciated for her gifts. I admire her tenacity, honesty and willingness to share her journey with those of us whose paths are wider.

Congratulations and all the best to Lisa who has known that this is her path and has written the book declaring it to the world.

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