My physical therapist*, that’s who!

I told my weekly support team that I’ve been spending five minutes a day crawling around the gym in my building to re-align my back and that it was working beautifully. I’ve been feeling terrific and wanted to share it with them. After all, they’ve heard me complain over the last several months. Speaking of crawling one’s way back to health…

One of my support team members said, “I love that you’re assuming a posture of humility in your quest for excellent health.”

The other team member acknowledged supportively that I would do whatever it takes to get better. “You’ll do anything as long as it’s in alignment with your beliefs.”

Somehow their words seemed symbolic of everything that’s happening in my life. What advice have you received lately, and how does it align with whatever else is going on in your life?

*I was referred to Kima Wellness on 22nd Street by a blog reader of mine. She proclaimed that the one of the founders of that company solved her back issue and kept her out of surgery. This woman commuted from Newtown, CT to Manhattan three days a week  (a feat in itself) to be healed by this wonder woman. That was all the urging I needed. I made an appointment.

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