Lena West

Lena West of Influence Expansion ruffled the feathers, in a good way, of my monthly Mastermind Group last Friday. She shared her 9-Step System for managing and thriving with social media and made it sound possible. While I won’t share her entire program, I do want to single out #1, which is to Make It a Priority.

I loved Lena’s analogy of social media being like a home renovation. Have you ever lived through one of those? It’s all around you. You can’t avoid it. You’re constantly tripping over it, but you’re not the one putting up the dry wall.

Your role in expanding your influence, as in GC’ing a home renovation is NOT to drive in every nail, but to be constantly vigilant, watching the progress, commenting and directing–“I’d like these hinges, thank you”–expressing your opinion and being a presence. Because, after all, it’s your house.

Same thing with building your brand or environment online. It needs to be top-of-mind all the time. You don’t need to pay attention to every brushstroke or wiring connection. But you do have to be alert and chime in, influencing and contributing your viewpoint. As Lena puts it, be a part of the conversation.

Included in #1, Making It a Priority, is the question, What do you need to stop doing? What do you need to say ‘no’ to in order to manage this ‘renovation’?

We all laughed out loud when Lena fessed up to having to let go of watching Judge Judy. What are you putting between you and your online reputation? Confessions, anyone?

Thank you, Lena!!

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