Shahrina Ankhi-Krol Attorney & Counselor at Law

Since attending a lunchtime networking meeting a couple of weeks ago, I’ve had three coffee dates with three remarkable women.

This morning Shahrina Ankhi-Krol and I met at Dean & Deluca’s midtown to find common ground. For this archaeologist turned lawyer, it was a piece of cake . Digging into things is what she did before opening her law practice. We discovered a mutual love of museums, all things creative and NYC, of course.

She’s incredibly smart, wise beyond her young age, personable and professional. The hour flew by. We covered our passions, our families, our hopes and dreams.

By the end of our date, I knew I’d be delighted to refer her to anyone seeking legal advice, especially around trademarks, copyright infringement and or simply setting up a business entity. It was less her credentials (which are impeccable) and more her way of being that impressed me. She’s an attentive listener and connector.

I particularly enjoyed reading an article she wrote that has attracted a lot of attention. I identified with her underdog status and how she’s made it work so well for her company’s growth. Starting with her headshot in which she is smiling: Real Lawyers Don’t Smile–one piece of advice she was wise enough to ignore. Here’s a smiling lawyer I’d love to work with and refer.

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