Lisa Corrado - Celebrating 10 Years Lisa Corrado Nutrition

Lisa Corrado – Celebrating 10 Years Lisa Corrado Nutrition

It didn’t take Lisa Corrado long to decide that being in business for 10 years was worthy of celebration. Her Mastermind Group urged her to nail down a date and get the invitation out to her happy clients and supporters.

Selfishly, we all wanted to party with Lisa. And we did. Lisa threw a festive, energetic and well-attended soiree. We ate, drank and met the other stimulating, successful, fun attendees all there to support and celebrate our colleague and friend.

Katie Settel of Katie Settel Photography captured the evening with her always-beautiful photographs and Louise Albin of Cafe Louise catered the party. There wasn’t even one crumb of food left afterwards. One of our members said she thought she may have seen ‘lick’ marks on the serving platters!

New businesses notoriously fail within the first five years. Making it beyond that mark as an entrepreneur is remarkable. And doubling that significant milestone is not only extraordinary–especially when it encompassed 2008 and beyond, it’s also deeply satisfying. The smile on Lisa’s face never left that night.

lisa's logo

You can read more about Lisa’s offerings on her site, but they won’t tell you what makes her so successful. Words can’t capture the spirit, humor and passion that Lisa exudes when she talks about nutrition.

To give you an example, she handed us each an apple–a green one, just like her logo–the first day of our program a year ago.

She traveled to Italy for two weeks (an assigned goal) to see if she’d like to incorporate international travel into her practice.

Not only is she fearless, this woman is unstoppable, and it’s contagious if you are around her for even five minutes.

Celebrating Lisa

Photography courtesy of Katie Settel

You can see her friends and supporters clear affection and happiness in this group shot the beautiful night of her party. This was on her back patio, just outside her office door. Talk about a lifestyle entrepreneur! Lisa’s hard-earned anniversary celebration was a testament to the rewards of working hard, keeping up with her community and contributing her knowledge and expertise to so many.

Have you got an occasion to celebrate? My advice is to grab the opportunity, invite your friends and party, party, party!

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