During our recent Mastermind Intensive, Christina Frei presented to our group as an expert demonstrating how to create videos that capture your message.

She told us, with nods all around when she said this, that the reason so many people are afraid to do video is that it is so powerful. How often do you click on youtube these days? What impression do you get from a video vs. a written bio? Video is vital to your website, image and marketing strategy. I’ve dabbled, but now I’ve committed.

It helped that she gave us a very special rate* which I immediately took her up on. Somehow, when I think of video, I think in the thou$and$. Do you?

Christina came to my place on Monday, and Monday evening I got my clip.

I’ve never felt so comfortable in front of the camera nor as pleased with the results.

Please, let me know if you think she got me.

*Here’s Christina’s amazingly reasonable offer which she most generously offered to share with my readers. Please mention how you found her when you call.
$297 for the 1 minute version
$495 for a 3-5 minute version
Free 15-minute Video Possibilities Brainstorming
203 919 9444
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