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I moved to NYC a year ago. That was a leap. After 40 years in Connecticut, moving to the Big Apple was a fantasy come true.

I immediately joined a local fellowship as my anchor here. Shortly after I became a regular participant, I heard a woman in the group talk about a life-changing adventure she was about to embark upon. After hearing her mention this a few times, curiosity got the better of me, and I asked her to meet for coffee so I could learn more. “Life-changing” is a keyword in my vocabulary. I listen very carefully when I hear it spoken.

She told me that twenty-some years ago she had sailed with an institution called Semester at Sea and that it had changed her life. She was taking the opportunity to get onboard again as a Lifelong Learner–to sail around the world in an educational environment. “Tell me more!” I insisted.

I left our coffee date and immediately logged onto their website and saw the trip of a lifetime mapped out in front of me. I’ve long been envious of friends who have ventured to China, India and Africa wondering how I might find my way there. A work opportunity? A wedding to attend? What would show up in my life that would quench this desire?

Movies and literature have fanned the flame–Slumdog Millionaire, Outsourced, A Fine Balance, stories by Jhumpa Lahiri. Reading travel pages in newspapers in magazines deepened my desire. A friend’s move to India to follow a guru; another’s move to Bali to change it up have not gone unnoticed.

Then there was the milestone birthday, becoming a grandmother (twice) and changing marital status which have each reminded me that life is short and to be grabbed while you can. Enough waiting to see if this was going to happen. Time to seize the moment and enroll.

My friend boarded the Spring 2013 voyage. I knew as soon as I read the itinerary that I would enroll in the Spring 2014 semester. Something inside of me knew and insisted that this was the trip and this was the time to embark. You know when something is right. Taking the leap is the scary part, but once it’s taken, the momentum carries you. Which is a good thing with all the minutia to be attended to in preparation: attaining visas, getting malaria pills and a yellow fever vaccine, converting currency and taking care of finances.

Three months is a long time to be away, especially with the limited internet access that being at sea means. I’m winding down with my current clients, completing with the groups I lead and saying no to invitations that include February, March and April in them. I’ll miss my family, my friends, my colleagues and the wonderful man in my life. I’m secure enough to trust and believe that they will welcome me back when I return in early May.

My itinerary includes 11 countries, a selection of inviting courses to audit, field labs and excursions and new friends to meet. I’m incredibly excited to be opening myself to so many new experiences, challenges and ways of thinking. I know that I will return different, and I look forward to the transformation.

My business’s tag line is Leading Remarkable Women to Uncommon Success. I’ve long admired women who take adventures, challenge themselves, embark. If I want to continue to live my tag line, this journey is my next step on that path.

If you’d like to come with me in spirit, I’d love to coach you on creating your itinerary. I’ve designed a program just for that purpose. What are you waiting for? (See offer below video.)


In January, I’ll be boarding this ship that will be become my home and classroom for three months.As a Lifelong Learner of the Semester at Sea program, I’ll be exploring China, Vietnam, Burma, India, Cape Town, and Ghana before returning home to New York City in early May.

And I’d like to take you along with me…in spirit that is!

I can’t imagine being disconnected from my community of soul proprietors for several months, and as I discussed this concern with my own mastermind, the idea for a new coaching program was born!

My intention is to fill this “travel” program with soul proprietors who have the vision and commitment to reach six goals in their life or business by May – that’s one goal for every port of call!

This program will consist of two individual coaching sessions and one group coaching session.

The first individual session will be held in December or January, and the second individual session will be held upon my return in May (5th – 9th).

On May 12, all members of this group will come together for a group coaching event held in New York City.

We will begin in December or January (you can schedule the day/time that works best for you), with my signature 60-minute “Dream Peek” session.

Think of this as your time to map out your own itinerary. Together we will determine what goals and tasks you will complete before we “set sail.”

I will provide you with a mind map that we will work through together, making sure you have everything you need for your journey.

We will also spend time addressing the fears or roadblocks that may come up as part of this process.

Your “destinations” will correspond with my itinerary:

January 28 – Depart the US for Japan
February 7 – Shanghai, China
February 15 – Vietnam
March 1 – Burma
March 15 – India
April 1 – Cape Town, South Africa
April 15 – Ghana
May 2 – Return to NYC via England

On May 12 we will conclude our program by comparing our journeys through an in-person group coaching session held in the library of my apartment building (400 W. 63rd Street – NYC).

I believe carving out time to work on your business, and setting clearly defined goals and deadlines is critical to both your long-term success and ongoing growth. The women I have coached over the past 30 years have published books, organized conferences, launched businesses, hired staff and had their artwork featured in galleries – to name a few visions realized.

The price to participate is $397 and I will begin scheduling Dream Peek sessions onDecember 2.

If this program speaks to you, please don’t delay in signing up. I am limiting the program to 20 soul proprietors. As this is the only group coaching program that I will be offering until the Fall of 2014, I expect it to fill quickly!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

I’m looking forward to taking you with me on this once-in-a-lifetime journey, knowing that each time I step into a new country, you too have taken one more step toward achieving your goals! Register here.

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