I’ve been a fan of Heather Habelka, the owner of Red Poppy Marketing, for many years. I remember being impressed with her at the very first networking event where we met. There was a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that was inspiring.

Our paths continued to cross. I particularly remember when she got a big idea at one of my Remarkable Women’s Networking sessions and ran with it.

I was so impressed with her enthusiasm and talent that I hired Heather to help me launch several initiatives in my business.

Then, last spring, Heather hired me.

In very short order, Heather has blown it out of the water. We started with a vision of what she’d like to see happen for her company. That dream, or vision, is the fuel for everything that comes after. It’s the process I use with every new client so we can determine what you’re aiming for.

From there, we created a mind-map, which is a tool for getting on paper all of those big ideas and what it will take to make them happen. Heather’s included building her team and client list; weeding out those that don’t support her vision. Like all successful business owners, it’s essential to let go of the bottom 10% of your customers and team members in order to grow. In addition to growing her team, Heather mapped out finding a new space (which she has) and increasing her revenues significantly (which she has).

When I asked Heather how our work together was helpful, she said, “One of my greatest lessons in working with you is to no longer apologize for how I run my business. And, I saw results incredibly fast.”

As a special offer to my community, before I depart on my 3-month journey, I have a special abbreviated coaching package–Come Away With Me! that will use the same methods I’ve taken Heather through. Within a limited time frame, you will create your vision, mind-map your goals with me and travel through them over the next few months as I travel the world. There are a few spaces left for this one-time offer. Is this journey for you?

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