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Dec 14, 2013

Thank You, Nancy Moon!

Nancy Moon of MoonPR

Every month I invite an expert to address my Mastermind Intensive. Yesterday, Nancy Moon of MoonPR joined us and generously filled us in on how to get press in new day and age–through traditional and new media. She took an overwhelming topic and distilled it down to the essentials.

The most vivid example Nancy gave, and there are no shortcuts for this, is how she diligently uncovers the journalists she wants writing about you. She described her own process of going to Barnes and Noble, pulling all the magazines in the market you want to reach, reading every article written on your area of expertise, noting who wrote it and grabbing his/her email address from the masthead. Then, getting in touch with that writer, complimenting their work and pitching your idea. Easy, right?!

What I particularly noticed during Nancy’s talk was her joy in doing this. It’s like a gigantic puzzle she’s looking to solve. She clearly relishes the journey and delights in getting her client placed in exactly the right media.

Her breadth of knowledge made it easy for her to connect with each member of our group and recommend a direction for each to pursue.

While Nancy makes it sound easy through her clarity on what it requires to get the word out there about you and your business, my big takeaway is that hiring Nancy makes a lot more sense than trying to do it yourself.

I so appreciate her generosity of spirit and talent.

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  1. Nancy Moon

    Thank you so much, Jane. It was an honor to meet this great group of women you gathered! You do such wonderful work!

  2. janepollak

    When something looks that easy, you know it’s taking a boatload of effort on the back end. Nancy makes it look so effortless, and it’s NOT.

    Your presence was a true gift. Thank you again.


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