Scam Award

I received a congratulatory notice in my inbox that not only had I been nominated (I must’ve missed that email), but I had also been awarded the 2013 Best of Business Award in the Small Business category.

This smelled bad from the get-go. Especially since the subject line read:

Jane Pollak Inc Awarded for the 2013 Best of Business award in Norwalk

#1 – I dissolved my incorporated status a couple of years ago in favor of an LLC entity.

#2 – I haven’t lived in Norwalk for over a year, so my recognition there was somewhat suspect.

If that weren’t enough to put me off, this bogus-looking plaque did.

I wanted to find out more about who the organization was distributing said awards.  Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to rip off the less jaded business owner out there looking for validation. They have constructed an in-depth site that says a bunch of nothing.

Once again, google is a great friend. The fourth entry down when I googled the signator’s name yielded this juicy tidbit, exactly what I was looking for:

Skeezy Scammers On The Prowl In Arcata – August 16, 2011 | The…/skeezy-scammers-on-the-prowl-in-arcata-–-augus…

Aug 16, 2011 – These fresh insults to fair business practices ride into town on top of the usual …. Arizona firm called the “Small Business Community Association” (SBCA). Other than Chairman Rich Thurman, members of the “Selection 

‘Nuf said. Caveat emptor.
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