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Jan 14, 2014

What is Your Time Worth?

IKEA bits

IKEA Deconstructed

My client Heather recently took a giant leap forward in her business and committed to office space outside her home. Her marketing business has grown exponentially, and it’s time to take on staff and a physical presence in her community. She has a big vision and is taking all the right steps to achieve it.

While furniture shopping at IKEA to fill her new space, she ordered several desks, bookcases and cabinetry to go in her freshly painted interiors. At the checkout Heather requested that the pieces she ordered be delivered and set up in her new space.

The well-meaning (and clearly NOT entrepreneurial) check-out person hesitated when she heard the request. Sweetly, and with an attitude of extreme helpfulness, she said to Heather, “Oh, Honey, that’s going to add another $400 to your total.”

To which Heather enthusiastically responded, “I know. Charge it!”

What Heather truly knows is that schlepping huge boxes off the shelves, loading them into a vehicle, unloading them at her new place of business, transporting them into her building and opening the packaging, then taking hours to unpack and assemble the multiple pieces is well worth that relatively small amount. Especially when you compare it to her value helping clients while said pieces are being dealt with.

I teach the art of delegating to all my clients and audiences. I LOVE hearing a success story like Heather’s that demonstrates her implementing this simple yet key strategy.

What have you delegated lately?

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  1. Gail McMeekin

    Billing–and what a Godsend! I did not do it for years and then I got it back and what a nightmare with PayPal, a shopping cart, Square, insurance, etc. I feel unchained again!

  2. janepollak

    Great example! Thanks.

  3. Roberta Duncan

    Love this Jane-clearly a message I need to consider! Thank you! Roberta

  4. janepollak

    You’re not alone. Thanks for your comment.


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