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Jan 21, 2014

It’s All About the Trip

The Explorer I’ll be sailing aboard

With just one week to go before my departure, I’ve wound down my groups and have only a few more coaching calls before I climb aboard the MV Explorer in Kobe, Japan.

My final preparations include getting my tax info off to my accountant, converting dollars to yens and getting crispy US bills for my travels in Burma where only the freshest currency is acceptable. Then there’s the haircut, learning how to use my new iPhone and investigating ways to communicate while overseas.

My wardrobe consultant and stylist, Scarlett DeBease, will help me pack. I’m investing in her services which will save me untold thousands in potential panic and aggravation. I’ve read Scarlett’s blogs on how brilliantly she prepares for trips, and I want that service for this big expedition. We’ll take pictures of all my outfit combinations (I could never remember these without visual cues), so that I’ll be comfortably and appropriately attired whether I’m at the equator, the Great Wall of China or a temple in India. And I won’t be ridiculously overpacked, which I would be left to my own devices.

The big question these days is…well, actually there are two: “Are you excited?” And the answer is VERY! The second is, “Are you scared?” And the answer is VERY! But it’s a good scared. A motivating scared.

There are so many unknowns. I’ll be joining a thousand people onboard, only one of whom I’ve met.
I’m not that good a sailor.
I’m concerned about the quality of the food.
I’ll be away from everyone I love.
What will I regret not packing?
How will I survive without a powerful internet connection?
What will I be missing here?

This is countered by the excitement of discovering new places–India, Africa, Vietnam, China, Burma, Morocco. Of  meeting new and interesting people. Getting a world view like never before.

I have received the most wonderful feedback from you wishing me well, congratulating me for pursuing this dream and attracting virtual passengers who will get to their ports (goals) as I arrive at mine. I’m so grateful to have you in my community cheering me on.

More later this week…

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  1. Nancy Moon

    Have a great trip, Jane! What a great opportunity!

  2. Terry S

    We will be with you in spirit, Jane, and eagerly awaiting tidbits of info on your travels. “You go, girl” has never had such meaning! Bon Voyage!! Terry

  3. Mary Quinlan

    Dearest Jane, Have a safe and rewarding journey. This is a journey not just a trip or vacation! I will miss your blog and I will think of you often wandering the world. A book? Love, Mary

  4. Scarlett DeBease

    How lucky am I? I get to create the suitcase space saving and stylish outfits for your travel around the world, and as faithful follower I will surely see your travels in your posts.

  5. Mary Ellroy

    I can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back! I’ll be thinking of you all along the way. xox

  6. Maggie

    I’m so excited for you!
    Very best wishes,

  7. janepollak

    Thank you! Opportunity is the right word.

    I will be talking to my spirit friends along the way. Thank you for that.

    You’re so right about it NOT being a vacation, but a journey. Who knows what lurks beyond this excursion. Could be a book…

    You promised to make room for yourself in my suitcase, right?

    I promise to keep close tabs on everything I do so I can give you a full report.

    Thank you!

    • scarlettimage

      I promise you will have the room to bring me there and lots of goodies for your return.

      • janepollak

        I know how efficient you are at packing. Can’t wait to get started!


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