Bon Voyage signTwenty-four hours from now I’ll be en route. I’ve been extremely well feted by friends and family. I’ve gotten to experience the glow of my life here, which I’ll carry with me while abroad.

Last night I said good-bye to my daughter and her family. On the way up to her apartment we crossed paths with the FedEx guy who was just leaving. “You must be Grandma Jane. They’re expecting you, ” he said to my surprise.

And there was my granddaughter Chloe, at the door with this sign, beaming over her handiwork (the stickers), crying out, “Good-bye, Grandma Jane!” having just had a dress rehearsal with said delivery man.

The past week has been filled with such beautiful send-offs mixed with the practicalities of leaving. I’m making last-minute purchases based on last-minute pieces of advice and wisdom:

Put neosporin in your nostrils before each flight to keep germs out.
Forget the 35 mm camera – your iPhone will serve perfectly well.
Take acidophilous tablets in India as a preventive measure.
Et cetera.

I’m comparing my anticipation of this huge adventure to my son and daughter-in-law’s final days before Owen’s birth. You know your life will be changed forever. You know that others have had similar experiences and grown from them. Yet, I have no idea exactly what the day-to-day life will be on the ship and in 11 different countries. It’s glorious and scary to be on this side of the journey.

So, this is good-bye.

I’m not making any promises I’m not sure I can keep about blogging, posting photos or being in touch. I’m giving myself full permission to just BE in the experience of it all. If/when I’m able, I will report out to you. But please allow me the space to NOT be in touch.

I wish you all a healthy, abundant season between now and May. I have the greatest love for everyone in my life and thank you for your good wishes, prayers and positive thougths now until my return.

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