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May 16, 2014

My Hierarchy of Needs – Post Travel Post #1

Jane's Hierarchy of Return

Jane’s Hierarchy of Needs

My Semester at Sea (SAS) is behind me now. Ninety-plus days of luxurious freedom to travel, meet new people, see the world and not have any responsibility. As a Lifelong Learner (LLL), I audited classes–no papers, no exams, no getting called on in class.

As a passenger my meals were prepared, my laundry was done, my cabin was cleaned and my transportation around the world was provided. This left me 100% free to take in every detail of my voyage, to make new friends, to see the world (11 countries) and embrace the experience, which I did.

You can imagine how coming home after being so pampered would be challenging. It’s taken me two weeks just to get past jet-lag, reconnect with the most important people in my life and get unpacked and re-oriented to living on land again.

Re-entry has been slow, but steady. I created my own Hierarchy of Needs, inspired by Maslow’s model. You can see that before I could even blog I had to take care of my basic needs.

The question mark (where Maslow places self-actualization) indicates my cloudiness regarding what’s next.

Fortunately, I attended a Creative Mornings lecture today. Creative Mornings is the brainchild of Tina Roth Eisenberg. Six hundred people attended the talk given by David Kelley, founder of IDEO.com and a professor at Stanford University.

In his opening Kelley quoted the President of Stanford University who offered him unlimited funding if he could “just make all the kids confident in their creative ability.” As the author, with his brother Tom, of Creative Confidence, he is an expert in releasing everyone’s inner creativity.

Tina, the organizer, called the turnout for the event epic. “I’ve never gotten so many bribes to get off the wait list!” she told us. I was lucky enough to make it off that waiting list, albeit without the benefit of knowing Tina, and into the audience at 8:30am. I have every intention of getting to know her, attending more of these programs and offering my expertise in whatever capacity they need.

What I learned on my voyage, particularly through hearing my own advice to the students I talked to, is that the universe has provided me with a model of exactly what I want to be doing next: inspiring others through my experiences. It may not be in an auditorium at Parsons School of Design, but it will be addressing, educating and encouraging students and other lifelong learners by sharing my journey.



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  1. Nancy Moon

    Welcome home, Jane. Would love to see your pictures and hear about your trip in person! Creative Mornings, one of my favorite things!

    • janepollak

      Would love to show you my pictures! Have you come and gone on your National Geo shoot? Can’t wait to share what you’ve seen as well. And YES to Creating Mornings being the BEST!

  2. Elizabeth H Cottrell (@ElizCottrell)

    So glad to see you pop back up here and can’t wait to hear more about your experience and your take-aways. I continue to be fascinated that the journey you’re on is so parallel to my own. I just returned from a mastermind business retreat with Dr. Ellen Britt (@EllenBritt) and Laura West (@JoyfulBiz) whose theme was “Step Into Your Creative Power,” and it was such a holistic approach to life and business that I was blown away with how much I had been compartmentalizing different parts of myself instead of letting them emerge and leverage each other’s power.

    I have no doubt there have been all kinds of creative energy bubbling up from your sabbatical. Thanks for bringing us along in your journey.

  3. janepollak

    Yes! It feels like we’re neck and neck professionally and spiritually. So glad to have a compatriot along for the ride. Thank you for allowing me to take my time.

  4. Lynne Marino

    Welcome back Jane! Missed your blogs and happy to see you in my inbox! Can’t make 6/11 but look forward to hearing about your trip.

  5. lkcorrado

    “… inspiring others through my experiences” – this is why you’re such a great coach, Jane. You say things like this and not only do you do them, you make me want to do them.

    • janepollak

      And, may I add, YOU’re doing them!!! Italy sounds amazing and delicious. Thanks for following my lead. 😉


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