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Jun 2, 2014

3 Dozen New Outfits with Scarlett


I didn’t buy a lot of stuff on my trip, but I do want to show off the few things I did purchase.

Of course, my go-to professional for this assignment is always Scarlett DeBease. She was here this morning for under three hours, and we (she, really) came up with 36 ways to incorporate the blouses, pants, jewelry and bags I bought in India, Burma, Mauritius and Morocco.

Here’s what I’ll wear for my talk on June 11 in Greenwich when I tell my round-the-world adventure for the first time in CT. I tried some of it out on Scarlett today. Her favorite was the teaser line “same-same, but different.”

My talk will include a dozen things I learned while traveling that I didn’t know before. Each one has a catch phrase to capture your curiosity. You’ll do the picking, and I’ll share the anecdote behind the quote.

I’m not going to give anything away, so you’ll just have to come hear me yourself and see the cool combo Scarlett came up with for that night.

Other occasions we put together outfits for include an upcoming trip to Charlottesville, VA to visit many of my new professorial friends at University of Virginia, a Boardroom dinner at the Four Seasons, a memorial service this Saturday and lots of summer fun wear.

I thought I’d come away with a long list of pieces still to purchase to tie everything together. But Scarlett is such a pro that here’s my complete list:

  1. White stretch jeans
  2. Black sleeveless knit tee
  3. Silver polishing cloth to buff up my watch

That’s it! I hope I see you soon so I can model my new gear for you.

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  1. Catherine Onyemelukwe

    Thanks, Jane. Choosing clothes that fit your own style and still make you stand out are so much fun, I think.

  2. Scarlett De Bease

    Thank you Jane for such a lovely shout out.
    I love that you allow me to be creative and take a few risks.


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