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Jun 4, 2014

My First Indiegogo Contribution

Diane by day...

Diane by day…

I’ve known Diane Ripstein since I joined the National Speakers Association in 1997. I knew that she was a communications expert par excellence. I’d seen her present to audiences and demonstrate her vast skills as a business leader and authority on the subject of presentation skills. Her marketing materials projected the consummate pro that she is.

…and Diane at the Fringe

None of this prepared me for the transformation she undertakes to become Bubbe, the host and guide for her one-woman show. Move on the Cha-Cha’s is Diane’s entry to the Fringe Festival this summer in Edinburgh, Scotland. Yes, that’s right. This corporate professional is shedding her suit, coiffed do and polished demeanor to tell it like it is through the voices and movements of her cast of characters, all of whom she’ll portray.

I am so moved by Diane’s talent, performance and courage to spend a month abroad performing her theatrical piece that I made my first-ever online pledge to support her cause via Indiegogo, a website that “empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen.”

My mission in life is to support other women in the pursuit of their dreams and visions. I’m thrilled to have a tangible way to put my money where my mouth and heart have always been. Not only do I urge you to follow YOUR dreams and passions, but also to take a look at someone who is leading the way. And if you choose to donate $10, you’ll receive Diane’s unique way of expressing gratitude:

For your $10 contribution you’ll get this–
“Challo and Tenk You!”
A personalized thank you phone call from The Bubbe. A keeper! Please send your phone number to Info@MoveOnTheCha-Chas.com

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