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Jun 9, 2014

Thanks for the Testimonial, Joan Cavanaugh

My talk this week about Living 25,000 Miles Outside Your Comfort Zone is Wednesday night. I got my first review after giving a Mastermind colleague of mine a sneak preview.

Joan Cavanaugh, who has worlds of experience and has heard thousands of speakers, sent me the loveliest quote which she generously urged me to share.

Have you ever heard the expression “I heard the bangles ring on an ant’s wrist”?

I think that sums up the real key to the presentation. I experienced a new Jane. I think the difference was her openness to what happened to her on that trip her total trust of an unknown world, her surrender to whatever would happen to her,… what she would see what she would taste, the people she would meet the customs etc. etc. the presentation was exhilarating  I hope that many women who are in a comfort zone not even realizing that they are in a comfort zone see this presentation and hear Jane talk about her travels around the world…. and know that anything is possible.  She was listening for the bangles on an ant’s wrist and the experience transformed her.  Very moving.

Here are the details:


Wednesday, June 11, 2014
6 – 8pmThe Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom of Greenwich 6 Lewis Street
Greenwich, CT

I know there are a few seats left, but register right away so you don’t miss out. Here’s the link.




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