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Jun 17, 2014

Wisdom from My Landlord’s Father

HypnoBirthing of CT

I rent space from Cynthia Overgard, President and CEO of HypnoBirthing CT. She has a warm and welcoming space in an office building well-located in Westport on the Norwalk/Westport line directly across from Whole Foods and Panera Bread and equi-distant between I-95 and the Merritt Parkway.

The rooms are equally well-suited for Cynthia’s birth classes and the Mastermind Intensive that I hold there once a month–large comfy sofas, walls painted in a relaxing, soothing hue, and a separate room for lunch away from our workspace. It’s ideal for women learning how to deliver their babies as well as business owners birthing ideas and visions.

Cynthia and I re-uned yesterday to catch up, talk business and also enjoy the magnificent spring day. We met for a walk at Compo Beach, then lunch at The Granola Bar in Westport. Over lunch we reminisced about Cynthia’s decision to take the space originally a few years ago.

Whenever  you make a big decision like assuming a lease on outside space or hiring employees for the first time, it’s wise to get feedback from trusted counsel. It would be a much easier decision  if you’re going to be working 5 days a week in an office. But in Cynthia’s line of work, she wouldn’t need the  space 40 hours per week. Cynthia questioned whether the expense was justifiable.  She consulted a most trustworthy businessman for his thoughts–her father.

“Cynthia,” he told her, “Giants Stadium was built to be used 8 days a year.”

That succinct wisdom turned the key for her.



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