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Jun 18, 2014

Talk About Passion!

Nancy Williams – Grand Passion Piano

Since speaking and writing about getting picked, I’ve become more aware of the invitations I’ve received from women business owners seeking my support and endorsement.

I’m always delighted when successful women like Nancy Williams find me and my blog and view it as a potential platform for promoting their passion. (Lots of p’s there.)

The most flattering invitations include some form of cross-pollination, as Nancy’s did. She had seen my list of no-no words and phrases: little, just, can’t afford, should–and requested permission to use them in a talk she was giving. I was pleased to share my intellectual property and doubly pleased that Nancy credited me in her recent press release.

The release relates Nancy’s story of how she reclaimed her passion for the piano which helped her to come to terms with her hearing loss. Nancy will be delivering a workshoop in Austin, TX next week at the Hearing Loss Association of America convention there.

Nancy’s request to share her press release came with an invitation to meet. I look forward to that. Women who are passionate about what they do top my list of pickers.


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  1. Nancy Williams

    Jane, thank you for introducing me to your readers. It’s a pleasure to be covered on your beautiful blog! Your list of no-no words and phrases has played an instrumental role in my presentation, helping people come to terms with the fears that may block them from claiming their passions. I look forward to our meeting later this summer.


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