Yin Yang Symbol - Structuring Thesis of Macrobiotics

Yin Yang Symbol – Structuring Thesis of Macrobiotics

I didn’t often read Red Smith‘s column in the sports section of the NY Times, but on one occasion I was extremely taken by his humility. He wrote something like, “I’ve been writing about baseball for 30 years, and I think I’m beginning to understand it now.” (Please, Sports Fans, correct me if you know the quote!)

Why this strikes me today is that I am attending a macrobiotics seminar in Gaithersburg, MD, where after seven years of studying and practicing this amazing way of life, I’m beginning to understand it. Last night’s lecture by counselor Warren Kramer focused on the yin and yang of energy. Macrobiotics is not simply a food choice, but also a spiritual, mental and physical way of life.

Though I’ve heard it before, macrobiotics focuses on the ‘seven conditions of health.’ I always considered myself healthy because I don’t have any chronic or terminal diseases. But, looking at these seven conditions, there is much room for improvement. Number 1 is LACK OF FATIGUE. I was nodding off as Warren was talking about this. Definitely an area that is affected by choice of foods and lifestyle. I’m not a late-night person, but granola may be too yang for me to eat on a daily basis.

I know. This is pretty strong stuff. But as my eyes are being opened to the benefits of macrobiotics (translates to: Great Life), I’m better able to understand the why of making food and lifestyle choices. Certainly my profession is a lifestyle choice.

GOOD MEMORY is number 4. This one caught my attention because my memory is not what it used to be. Looking on a website for more details I found this description of #4 which I found reassuring:

Good Memory: Memory is the mother of our judgment. Without memory of what we have experienced, we have no judgment or ability to evaluate life’s changing circumstances. Good memory is essential to a meaningful life.

Remembering the name of the woman I just met is not as important as remembering that when I had that ‘macrobiotic’ cookie after dinner, I suffered a poor night’s sleep. I need to make a different choice for my body.

Since we complete our growth cycle as humans at 19 or 20, what continues to grow are our mind and consciousness. Our intake of food is what supports that. Understanding this, whenever you do, makes choosing what goes into your body more important than ever before.

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