I’m in the process of applying to be a writer-in-residence for a few weeks this coming winter. The location is remote and far away. It is exclusively for women.  We each get our own cabin, write all day, then gather in the evening for community and support. Meals are delivered to our doors. Each of us is responsible for keeping our own shelter heated by stoking its wood-burning stove.

Some might find this description abhorrent, but for this introvert, it sounds like heaven. As many of you who’ve been following my blog know, I’m working on a memoir. I would love to have 15 days straight to engage in nothing else.

In order to be selected, there’s a rigorous application to be submitted. I’ve been wordsmithing for days now, but without feedback, I had no idea how my writing sounds. I took the opportunity to share the four pages of their questions and my responses to members of my mastermind group. This morning I received comments from one of our members, in green (appreciative that it wasn’t red), for which I am eternally grateful.

What I received was an outside reader’s perspective, solid suggestions and superb clarity on what was needed to improve my application. I trust the source (she’s a marketing wonder), will make the changes and feel more assured that what I’m submitting is the best I’ve got.

Readers and friends frequently comment on the support system I’ve built in my years as a business owner. I have someone who helps me appear well-dressed and professional, a coach to assist me in putting my stories together when I speak to assocations, a writing coach, a business coach, a goal buddy, a financial team and a raft of friends willing to take a call when I’m struggling in any way. One of the biggest lessons in my growth and development of an entrepreneur and human being has been learning how to ask for help.

I’m curious how you’ve done with creating your own team of advisors. How are you at saying, I don’t know how to do this, but I know someone who does? And then contacting them…the hardest part.

P.S. When selecting an image for this post, I started with the word EDIT. Not liking the first batch of photos, I tried CORRECTION and was horrified that 90% of the images were of beautiful women being marked up for plastic surgery. I went back to EDIT and chose this antedeluvian icon.

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