Lindsey's book party

Author Lindsey Pollak and her extremely proud mom

Where to begin?!

Last night my daughter Lindsey celebrated the release of her latest book, Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders. I received my inscribed copy at the event and began reading it right away.

It drew me right in with its wisdom, candor and humor. Lindsey writes well, tells memorable, relatable stories, and infuses the book with concrete, meaningful examples, wit and copious resources. I’ve already learned so much about the millennials in the first few chapters.

Well over 100 people joined her last night at the launch. I talked to many of the guests who shared an enthusiasm for Lindsey and her work. She is a good friend and colleague. You could feel the positive energy at site/109, the cool location chosen for the party.

I am so proud of my daughter.

Here’s a video clip of her in action.

Best of all, when I opened my copy of her book and read her inscription, it said, “I owe it all to you!” I’m flattered to think that, but truly know that she has earned every inch of the success she’s experiencing and so richly deserves.

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