comfort zoneOn Monday evening, September 29, I’m inviting Remarkable Women to answer that exact question. Is it really comfortable in there, or is it a hiding place and cover story that keeps you from what you really want in life?

Several years ago I was coaching a photographer who, more than anything, wanted a commercial studio where she could invite clients in for headshots, plus leave her equipment safely. Photographers notably have lots of that, and housing it in a Fairfield County storefront location was her vision. She might be inclined to turn down an opportunity because of the dread she felt loading and unloading her car for the job.

But she never got past Square 1 which, in her case was, “I can’t afford the cost of rent here.” I challenged her to go explore the area with a realtor. After a couple of rounds of “yes, but”s, she called a commercial real estate broker, toured the area and found a place in a Wilton, CT shopping center that met her needs exactly as she’d envisioned. This included the square footage, rent and length of lease. It was exactly two miles outside of her designated range, but she quickly overcame that objection and settled happily into the space soon after finding it.

What stops you from moving out of your comfort zone? Money? Time? The unknown?

At my next Remarkable Women’s Network event, I will help you identify and dismantle your biggest stoppers. I overcame a bunch of my own when making the decision to spend a Semester at Sea earlier this year.

  • How could I take off three months from my work?
  • Could I really afford to take this money out of savings to go on this journey?
  • What about all those shots I had to get?
  • And leaving my loved ones?

I’ve become quite adept at moving out of my comfort zone and into the thrilling arena of self-discovery and growth.

On Monday, the 29th, not only will you be able to move forward towards your desired outcome, you’ll be a witness to the transformative power of watching others move through their fears as well. I’m very excited to share highlights of my travel with you. I’m also pleased to offer an exercise that will reveal which area of your life may be keeping you stuck.

Please join me for the first of three Remarkable Women’s Network events I’m offering this fall and early winter. Space is limited for this special experience.

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