beckoning secret hand

Come hear what secret I’m going to share on Monday night, September 29.

I’ve been wanting to offer something special to all the remarkable women I know for seven years now. I put it out to the public right before the economy took a dive in 2007.

You all know what happened to hopes and dreams back then. Nada.

But my desire never diminished. I set the idea aside for awhile and am excited to be in the planning stages again to make it happen. Soon!

There’s so much to say about what I’m working on that my excitement cannot be contained in a blog post. Instead of breaking my news here, I’m saving my big announcement for my first Remarkable Women’s Network event in two years, which is happening in Connecticut on Monday, September 29 from 5:30-7:30pm. Not coincidentally, the topic of the night is risk-taking and moving out of your comfort zone, the perfect setting for my next leap…and yours.

I hope you’ll join me for my talk about how I moved out of my own comfort zone–25,000 miles out!–and meet 20 other remarkable women who are equally excited about making their next moves.

Be among the first to hear my new offer and receive the benefit of first dibs on your place by the cozy fireside this winter…Shhhhhhh!


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