Getting Ready for Talk about Risk-Taking

Getting Ready for Talk about Risk-Taking

Me, too!

In fact, I spent a good part of this weekend getting all my gear in order for you. I got my projector working, my slides in order and my handouts printed. This is my desk in preparation mode (cleaned up for the camera, of course).

I’m very excited to see all the Remarkable Women who have already enrolled for my first of three Remarkable Women’s Network sessions that begin next Monday night, September 29, in Westport, CT. Many of them I know from our EWN days. Sadly, that venue no longer exists.

Has that lack of availability kept you from networking?

My topic is Living Outside Your Comfort Zone. Who, particularly us women business owners, doesn’t face the limits of our comfort every day?

My desire is to address the barriers that prevent you from having the life you want. Where do you get stuck? Often the reason is so buried that we unconsciously sabotage or derail ourselves even when what we want is right there for us to grab. I have heard countless clients talk about the opportunity that was in her hands that she didn’t pursue.

Can you identify? I can.

Come meet others like you on the 29th. Having a topic like this is the best ice-breaker I know. Sure beats, “And who is your ideal client?” I’d much rather get to know my colleagues this way than that.

There are a few spots left, so register today for this one or all three as many have. See you next week!

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