happy womanI had the sublime pleasure of being invited to participate on a field trip to Winterthur yesterday organized by a friend in the publishing industry. She generously added me to her guest list which included three additional women, all major players in that field (before they retired or moved on to newer ventures) hence their flexibility to go on a midweek excursion.

For me, the day was simply research.

On our Amtrak ride to Wilmington, I sat next to a former creative director who told me in no uncertain terms that our hostess is the happiest woman she knows. I nodded in agreement.

Carol Schneider, #1 Happy Woman, had gotten passes for us to see the Downton Abbey exhibit there because one of her current author’s wrote To Marry an English Lord. It’s on sale in the gift shop during this exhibition, and going to see the show made sense. Carol made it into a party, which is what happy people do–share the wealth.

Carol secured her second fabulous publishing post at Workman, but also prestigious group, after retiring from the earlier career. Since she works only a few days a week for Publisher #2, she spends much of her time working at her passion which is creating scarves from vintage kimonos. I own a couple, and they are gorgeous. Contact Carol for her upcoming show schedule in NYC: carol@carolschneiderdesigns.com

carol schneider scarves

Carol Schneider’s Scarves and Accessories

She also has sons and grandsons whom she sees regularly.

This happiest woman enjoys a longterm love relationship and spends her weekends in Connecticut.  She travels regularly, sees all the latest shows and movies, enjoys dining out as well as cooking and entertaining.

Have you ever thought about who the happiest person you know is? Personally, I’d like to share that honor with her and nominate myself. Second, anyone?

jane at downton abbey exhibitDownton Carol S

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