When I read that line in her interview with Oprah in the December issue of O Magazine, I almost spit out my hot water and lemon drink. A rich, gorgeous, multimillionaire business phenom, married to Barry Diller questions her level of achievement?

Here’s the direct quote: You never really feel the success; you always feel the things that are going wrong. So many mornings I wake up and I feel like a loser, and I ask other people who are successful, “Do you ever feel like a loser?” and they say yeah.

Okay. I’ve had days like that, but ‘so many mornings’ – not so much.

It makes me curious to hear you weigh in on your level of success. What are you measuring? What makes you feel like a winner?

Personally, I feel at my professional best when I’m alone in my office, with a clear, clean desk, bills paid, calendar as full as I like it to be, which means with plenty of white space. I’ve just finished a coaching call or reached a satisfying outcome with a speaking prospect. My inbox is manageable and I’m excited to take on the next project. Currently, that project is writing memoir. I’m also organizing a retreat for women which is almost at capacity.

This makes me feel successful.

My relationships are in order. I have money in the bank. I feel well. I have plans to spend time with the people I care most about over the holidays. Simple as it sounds, this is what makes me feel successful. Maybe I’m confusing it with contentment.

How about you? How full is your cup today?


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