How busy are you these days? If you’re in retail, you’re crazed, I’m sure. If you’re in a service business…not so much.

Everyone is distracted at this time of year–either shopping, feeling guilty about not shopping, worrying about getting it all done or thinking about how much to tip the maid, UPS guy, or doormen. Most likely, they’re not thinking about growing their business or anything other than surviving December once again.

So your phone’s not ringing, and you don’t have that hourly or daily reminder of how much you’re needed. What do you do with the lack of attention? Do you make up stories about your worth? I certainly did, back in the days when I took the quiet to heart.

Every December I would report to my Mastermind group that it might be time for me to take down my shingle. No one was calling. I must not be any good. Then, one of our members would remind me that I said the same thing the December before and the December before that. “Use the time to clean your office, Jane. Clear out your files. Get your finances ready for taxes.”

I would, and they’d be right. Since 2002, I’ve had a thriving coaching practice, so I can justifiably pass on this wisdom to my clients.

On the flip side, when I was in my creative business, I was frazzled and stressed out at this time of year–everyone wanted their orders completed and shipped in time for Christmas. In January, however, I went through the same withdrawal and negative self-assessment.

What I wish for you this holiday season is awareness, joy and balance. Notice if you’re feeding your brain negative messages based on False Evidence Appearing Real (FEAR). Think about what you could do with the free time the calendar has delivered to you. Use the white space this month to take care of yourself. Come January, you might be saying, why didn’t I relax when I had the chance?

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