naughty girlI just got an assignment from a trusted support person to do something naughty or mischievous on a daily basis. The point of the exercise is to misbehave, act out. Consequences be damned! (Does swearing count?)

What’s that quote about well-behaved women not making history? This is in an effort to do my part on my own behalf.

But I need help. I’ve spent a lifetime following the rules, coloring in the lines and not making waves. This has got to stop.

Trouble is, I’m having a hard time coming up with mischievous acts that won’t harm anyone (leaving dirty dishes in the sink), get me kicked out of my building (throwing water balloons out my window) or negatively effect me (eating stuff that makes me sick). I’m drawing a big blank.

I’m asking for your help. What ways do you act out, misbehave that you’d be willing to share with me for the sake of women and history? You can comment below or email me privately – .

I’m completely serious about this.

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