Envy, Anger and Greed. Oh, My!

I’m enrolled in a new Memoir class this spring. Today’s assignment is to write about one of the deadly sins (I’ve selected three, overachiever that I am) and use it as a theme in a writing piece. I wanted to share it with you since it’s been a...

How Are Your Fingernails? A Self-Care Quiz

I spoke at a Young Alum conference at Mount Holyoke when I was a young alum now. One of the panelists offered us a memorable self-care quiz: “Show me your hands.” Go ahead. Look at yours right now. This is totally confidential. Are you happy with how they...

The Purple Wins

I don’t remember how this started, but someone told me that all of my social media photos should be the same. When I asked my newsletter helper which image I should choose, she suggested that I ask my friends and family. In other words, 2015-speak, put it up on...


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