Jane against Ashley WEBI don’t remember how this started, but someone told me that all of my social media photos should be the same. When I asked my newsletter helper which image I should choose, she suggested that I ask my friends and family. In other words, 2015-speak, put it up on Facebook and let the masses decide. “Crowdsource it.”


Eager to check this updating task off my list, I posted these three photos for feedback. It’s been over four years since the last ones were taken. It was time.

I got over 125 comments. Most of them were a generous:

  • “You look great!”
  • “The top one!”
  • “Love the smile.”

Jane Waist Up with TAXI - WEB

There were 40 votes for the one with the print top and taxicab in the background. Eighty-five votes for me in the purple (eggplant, aubergine…) suit. The purple wins.

I got equally confident votes for both:

  • “Hands down–the top one!”
  • “The taxi says New York!”
  • “F@*# the shoulds!”
This one got only 2 votes.

This one got only 2 votes.

Besides all the wonderful attention I received, a colleague, Janet Granger emailed me asking for an interview. She has a new consulting business helping Baby Boomers be more digitally savvy, and wanted to feature me as a savvy Boomer. I accepted! I’ll post a link to our interview as soon as it’s live.

Thank you, ALL, for your interest, input and consideration. I couldn’t have done it without you.

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