Gail Berritt, Esq.

The mastermind group I facilitate met last Friday and were privileged to hear Gail Berritt, Esq. share legal essentials for small business owners. Each member of my group got to pose a specific question to Gail. Plus, Gail shared tips that applied to all of us.

Here are two of the most important.

  • Business owners must have ALL the passwords to their company’s website should anything happen to your developer, programmer or designer. Gail, in her position, has heard way too many sad stories of IT people who have disappeared, become ill, died or stopped answering the phone. It was a cautionary tale that had our members adding this to their to-do lists for Monday.
  • The default in law is that whoever creates your artwork/design/wording/photography etc. has the implied license for that work, unless it is explicitly written that they do not.

This came as a surprise to me and a few other women in the room. This information is invaluable to any business owner who assigns work for hire.

Gail recently served as a mentor for RefineryCT, an incubator for women business owners looking to scale their businesses. I felt very grateful to have Gail share her vast knowledge with my group as well.

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