Jenn T. Grace Professional Lesbian

Jenn T. Grace
Professional Lesbian

Yes. You read that right. It’s on Jenn’s business card and all of her educational materials. She helps people, brilliantly in my experience, become allies to the LGBT community, particularly in the business world.

I bought two of her books, But You Don’t Look Gay… and No, Wait…You Do Look Gay! whose subtitle is the wisdom behind her efforts: The 7 Mistakes Preventing You from Selling to the $830 Billion LGBT Market.

In a non-judgmental, fact-based conversation, Jenn explained to my Mastermind members the demographics, buying power and brand loyalty of this enormous market. More important, she gave us tips and strategies for how to show interest in and support of LGBTs.

She gave us an interesting exercise before she began speaking. On a sheet of paper numbered 1-8, she invited us to write down the labels/characteristics, that define us. As she put it, what makes you, you? Not one of us included ‘straight’ on our lists. The conversation engaged rapidly after that. I’ll leave it to you to pick up Jenn’s books for the importance of that distinction.

I’m grateful to have a variety of experts come and address the outstanding women who meet with me monthly to focus on their business growth. We were truly fortunate to have Jenn’s enlightening subject matter to inspire us in June.

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