Creative Mastermind Spring 2015

Creative Mastermind Spring 2015

I was listening to a podcast that is relatively new for me called the Unmistakable Creative. Srini Rao is the host. One of my entrepreneurial mentors, Terri Lonier, introduced me to this informative and intimate series a few months back, and I’m loving it.

Yesterday I heard Srini interview Jen Louden, a personal hero of mine, who single-handedly started the self-care movement which is so widespread, no one even realizes that someone was the first to name it: Jen.

There were many take-aways from their conversation, but the one that hit home particularly was the value of the Mastermind. Jen has been in one for years and attributes much of her professional development to the wisdom and encouragement she receives (and gives). I was in one for almost 20 years and have recently become part of a 3-woman forum here in the city which met last night. I heartily concur with the necessity of this component to a successful business life.

Plus, my first NYC-based Mastermind, one of several I lead, ended on Monday after 7 sessions. Here are the beautiful, creative and generous women who participated both in person and virtually. Those smiles are testimony to not only their deep affection for each other, but also for how happy they were with the results of their time together.

I reminded each of them of the goals they’d committed to in April and how far they’d come in three short months–well beyond expectations.

I want to echo Jen’s appreciation for and recommendation of the Mastermind concept. We need other people to reflect back to us our own glory and path in this world, our unique gift.

I’m grateful to be able to hear this message spoken so eloquently through media that is non-traditional. Jen’s message strongly echoed my sentiment that it’s NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. If you need to hear that articulated in a way that will touch your heart, here’s the link to Finding the Thread of our Deepest Desires.

There are so many inspiring women entrepreneurs that we can gain great insights from. If you’d like to read the stories of ten remarkable women who have done courageous acts, please download your copy of my free eBook by clicking on the image below.

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