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Lessons are coming at me so fast and furiously these days, I’m surprised they’re not labeled so I can keep them in order. If today’s was, it would be entitled: How to Receive

Much to my chagrin, I’m being offered seats on busses and subways more and more lately. My inclination is to say, “No, thanks. I’m not that old. I’m doing fine. It’s only one more stop.”

Until I heard someone remind me, that if someone offers you a gift, take it.  Saying ‘no’ won’t reinforce the generosity in the giver’s heart. Accept the gift, and let go of your pride.

I’m speaking primarily to myself. If anyone out there can also benefit, I’m thrilled.

Today I made a request of someone to help me with my memoir. It’s finding its form and needs some professional guidance. I know one woman, for whom I have the utmost respect, who I wanted to hire for that work. I called her today, proposing that I pay her a sum for her to help me get it into order.

“I would like to do this for you for free,” she responded. “You’ve been a good friend, and I’d consider it a privilege to help you in this way.” (I’m paraphrasing because I was so gobsmacked I can’t remember exactly what the words were.)

I accepted the offer and will meet with her later this week to turn over a 2″ thick manuscript. I have to remind myself to breathe in order to take in this level of generosity.

For years, decades really, my response would’ve been, “No! I have to pay you. I can’t accept this!” And then I noticed that I was getting fewer and fewer offers of kindness.

I’m watching that trend turn around and know that the difference is my attitude. How to receive? Say “yes.” It’s that easy, and will make a difference to you, the giver and the world.

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