Scene from mid-70's

Scene from mid-70’s

I received the storyboard drawings of scenes from my memoir created by Fabricio on Monday. I feel propelled even further along my writing journey as a result of taking that step–hiring someone to listen to my story and paying him to render it for me visually.

I see what a big part asking for help played in the process. I no longer feel stuck and clearly know now what my next step is: begin sharing my story with a trusted few.

Like Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame and Julie Powell who blogged about cooking recipes by Julia Child and posted daily about her process (notice how well it worked for them), I would like to share part of my process with you. I’ve published a few personal entries along the way and received positive encouragement and support.

It’s scary to put your work out to the public. I’m ready for another level of risk: to tell my story to a chosen few, before going to a publisher and the world.

Here’s what feels right to me now. I’d like to share an overview of my memoir with you (the willing) via a conference line and visuals, to find out:

  • What holds your interest~
  • What you want to hear more of~
  • What can be omitted~
  • What confuses you~
  • What inspires you~
  • What I might title this work (I’ve come up with 100 possibilities on my own)~

You may be asking, as a dear friend who I shared this idea with did, what’s in it for you? Good question! Here are the benefits I can think of:

  • You’ll the first one on your block to hear this work.
  • You will be a witness to the process of a writer-in-progress.
  • Inspiration for your own project, especially you writers and memoirists~
  • Hear a story of transformation.
  • Receiving my endless appreciation~

If you’d like to be one of a dozen or so listeners, here are the specifics:

Tuesday, September 8th – 7 – 8pm
Live call-in of my story illustrated by slide images, working title After the Picket Fence.

To sign up and become part of the conversation, please send me an email at indicating your interest. I’ll send you the necessary info for attending. There is no charge, of course.

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