My first studio
I was going through My Scans folder and paused when I got to some unlabeled images that had been sitting there for quite awhile. This one really took me back. It was labeled “My First Studio” and is a counter in the kitchen of the house I lived in in Norwalk.

In the evenings, and during my kids’ nursery school hours in the daytime, I’d sit and decorate eggs on the flat surface sticking out underneath which a stool could go. You can see my dyes on the bottom shelf and the wire rack which held important papers. That was all I needed at the time.

It was actually my second studio. I’d been working on the dining room table of my first apartment in Stamford before that, but hardly considered myself a business owner back then.

As my business grew, I needed more space and eventually shared space with my husband in the family playroom.
studio before renovation

Then, one day, I attended an Entrepreneurial Women’s Network luncheon, sat next to an architectural designer, and made the decision to really invest in my company by committing to a renovated, well-designed home studio. Here is the transitional photo while I worked out of the living room:

studio in living room
When it was complete, I had areas of the room dedicated to design, a space where workers could be in the room with me at their own desks, a shipping section, a sink for mixing dyes, a cutting box for making the jewelry pieces and a corner table for computer work.

My current requirements are minimal now as life becomes increasingly paperless and my work is centered on the phone and computer. I often conduct business with only my laptop and cell phone.

Jane at cutting box
As this new ‘semester’ of work begins, I’d be curious to hear about your workspace needs and alterations. It’s freeing to pare down or design up. Where are you on that continuum?

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