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A Storyboard Scene from Jane’s Memoir

A woman I know just called me to say, in short, that she was paralyzed. She teaches art classes, has a beautiful facility to offer them in, has raised her prices and has open time on her calendar. But she can’t pull the trigger and get new dates up and out to her audience.

What is stopping her?

As I work on my memoir, I’m discovering that every issue I’ve faced in my personal life is reflected in my professional activities. I’m offering a series of 3 workshops, starting this coming Monday night, that will specifically address the impact of the personal on the professional.

At the first workshop, September 28 from 6 – 8pm you will Identify the Challenge, get clarity on the stumbling block in front of you, understand what needs to be said or done and be inspired to take the next action.

When you listen to someone else’s story, personal or professional, there is always identification. “I do that.” “That scares me, too.” “Ah! That’s what happened to me.” That will be the basis of these programs. An experiential activity will set the stage for our discussion and your insights.

I’ve been examining my personal and work history and have discovered patterns of behavior that I have successfully reversed. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, want a shot of motivation, or simply desire connection with other positive women seeking growth, please join me next week.

I gave a sample reading of my memoir to a dozen women earlier this month. I, too, had become stuck. Offering it in this version was exactly the step I needed to take in my own creative development. I got re-energized and can’t wait to share my excitement with you!

Join me this coming Monday night at 6pm in Westport. See you then.

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