Carmen Lund

I received the most wonderful testimonial from my friend and colleague Carmen Lund. She’s making a remarkable offer which evolved out of our work together. Here are Carmen’s words:

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to learn about Jane and her work with women interested in becoming entrepreneurs. For most of my adult years, I have been an artist who exhibits my work but also teaches. I wanted to continue with my work but to find a way to use it as a foundation for working with women who were in transition and who needed guidance and support.

When I connected with Jane, I immediately felt that she would help me marry my creative background and my experience in the arts as a stepping off point to working with individuals who were looking to LEAP! into creating a new chapter for themselves using their gifts and experiences.

Working with Jane enabled me to focus. I tend to get too many ideas and can easily go off track. She held my feet to the fire. This accountability was a key element in my personal development.

Each week our group presented what we had accomplished and got feedback from the other women as well as Jane. The atmosphere Jane set up was one of both encouragement and support. It felt safe and non-judgmental which allowed for risk and experimentation. She always had a tangible suggestion for moving forward the next week. I liked having my next steps set out for me.

Over the years, since meeting Jane, I have watched her as she not only encourages and supports others, but also continues to grow herself. She walks her talk! Her can-do example is an inspiration to me. Jane listens and coaxes one’s thoughts, which is key. Her listening.

As a result of Jane’s coaching, I have been able to find a way to use my art experience beyond teaching and painting. I use my background, but have added to it to support women to “re-discover their magic” — to “color outside the lines.”

Here is what Carmen is up to now.

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